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Global design-construction expertise, proudly local, passionately innovative

Holbrook Group

Thailand’s premier commercial and
residential construction firm

We manage quality, high-end construction projects of all sizes and scope throughout the country. Holbrook Group’s mission is to bring our clients’ vision to reality through well-detailed, expressive spaces. Our team is driven to provide utmost client satisfaction, and our Project Managers are industry experts with strong industry connections in and outside Thailand.

The Holbrook Approach

Complete client satisfaction in five phases

  • International Standards

    We execute every project to match Western standards of quality and consistency.

  • Service Excellence

    We have a strong consulting process that is key to our results-oriented approach to client satisfaction.

  • Clear Communication

    We establish a consistent pattern of communication and involve the client at every stage.

  • Resourcefulness

    We are inclined to deliver whatever our clients desire, from furnishings to special imported materials.

  • Full-spectrum Solutions

    We provide a “no worries” experience from start to finish of every commercial and residential project.

Holbrook Group connects
people, places, and purpose

Trust us to build you a thoughtful space that enriches lives

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